Elite Twirlers Covid Plan


The following is a detailed list of how Elite Twirlers plans to implement regulations set by the State of Massachusetts and the CDC.

If you have any questions or concerns with this information please e-mail the studio directly or call Tina White with your concerns.  The health and well-being of our students and their families is our top priority. 

·         Do not enter the building if you or any family member in your household does not feel well, has a fever or you’ve been in contact with any person diagnosed with Covid 19.

·Do not enter the building if you’ve recently traveled out of state or the country

·         Twirlers must arrive to class on time and picked up promptly

·         All Twirlers age 7 and under must be walked to the door by a parent, Staff will check each twirler in at the door.  At end of class parents must be waiting to pick them up outside the door.  We ask that parents wear a mask and social distance while waiting.

·         All twirlers should use the restroom prior to entering the building. The bathrooms will be open but may only accommodate 1 person at a time and must be sanitized after every use.

·         Hand sanitizer provided by Elite Twirlers must be used as you enter the building.

·         You must wear a face covering to enter or exit the building and in all common areas including hallways, staircases, bathrooms and the lobby.

·         All Twirlers & Staff must wear a mask/face covering while taking class.

·         Twirlers must stay in their social distancing space marked on the floors.

·         No hand holding, high fives or hugging in class.

·         No sharing of any items.

·         Twirlers can bring their own water bottle to class – no water is provided or available for sale.

·         No large gatherings in the parking lot.

·         All high touch items/areas will be sanitized between each class – this includes door handles, floor spots and bathroom area.